Several maintenance tasks need to be performed on your HVAC system every year to keep it in proper working order. However, many people see this investment as an inconvenience that they can avoid until the last minute. Stalling annual HVAC maintenance or never doing maintenance at all is not only harmful to your system, but it can also cost you a lot of money down the line. Here are the top six reasons why getting thorough maintenance on your HVAC system every year saves you money.

1. Decrease Monthly Energy Bills

An HVAC system that isn’t properly maintained every year suffers from numerous operational issues that prevent it from working as well as it should.

For instance, if the filters are dirty, your HVAC system may suffer damage to its internal components. A clean filter stops debris from entering the unit and causing issues. In addition, a clogged filter will disrupt the airflow into the unit, making it work harder. The reduced airflow makes it more difficult to cool or warm up rooms, which forces the HVAC system to run longer and more frequently. All of this wasted energy caused by a lack of annual maintenance equates to a significant amount of money added to your heating and cooling bills every month.

An HVAC unit that has been properly maintained every year rarely has problems that affect efficiency. The air flows smoothly, the machinery doesn’t struggle, and the internal components stay cleaner.

2. Reduce Repair Costs

When an HVAC system is cleaned, tuned-up, and inspected annually, it reduces the odds of parts breaking and the HVAC system developing serious issues that require repairs or replacements. Poorly maintained HVAC units don’t function properly, break down more easily, and have a high chance of suffering catastrophic system failures. Repairs, replacement parts, and labor costs are major expenses that come along with poorly maintained HVAC units. The costs become especially steep when you have to call for emergency repair and replacement services to get your heater or air conditioner running during cold snaps or heat waves.

It’s much cheaper to do everything in your power to avoid those repairs by ensuring that you get your HVAC system properly maintained every year.

3. Maximize the Lifespan of the Unit

The biggest cost you will ever have associated with your HVAC system may be an entire unit replacement. However, no HVAC system lasts forever. At some point, every homeowner has to replace their HVAC unit, but you don’t want that day to arrive any faster than necessary.

The absolute best way to ensure that the lifespan of your HVAC system is maximized is by performing thorough maintenance on it every year. Units without regular maintenance accumulate wear and tear more quickly than properly maintained systems, reducing their lifespans significantly.

4. Be Prepared and Stay on Budget

One of the best aspects of being on top of the annual maintenance schedule for your HVAC system is that it allows you to prepare for future expenses and budget accordingly. If it’s been years since the last time you had maintenance done on your HVAC unit, you will likely be very unprepared for how much everything costs or a system breakdown.

If you have your system maintained regularly, you will receive updates from your HVAC professional about the health of your heating and cooling equipment. They can give you their best advice when it is time to replace things like a furnace or air conditioner. A professional will consider factors such as a system’s declining efficiency and increasing repair costs as it reaches its expected lifetime before giving you a recommendation.

Not only does keeping annual HVAC maintenance on your schedule help you to stay on budget, but it also allows you to take advantage of special offers and sales when they arise. In addition, some companies provide subscription plans for annual and more frequent maintenance services. These programs often come with discounted costs for the customer. In addition, a maintenance plan can reduce the stress of trying to obtain an appointment with an HVAC company during its busiest times of the year.

5. Prevent Damage to Your Home

Your HVAC system does more than simply help your house stay at a comfortable temperature. You may not realize it, but your HVAC unit is also vital for preventing damage to your home. Your pipes, furniture, and electronic devices are particularly susceptible to damage when your HVAC system is broken down or isn’t working efficiently.

When your heat isn’t working, your pipes have a higher chance of freezing. Frozen pipes quickly burst, causing not only damage to your plumbing but also severe water damage to your home and any precious family heirlooms, photos, and other items in the vicinity of the water leak.

Your HVAC system also may include a whole-house humidifier. If the humidifier isn’t working well, the air in your home may become dry. Dry air can cause your wooden furniture to crack, your wooden floors to warp, and your electronic devices to malfunction due to high levels of static electricity.

Maintaining your HVAC system every year to ensure that every function, from heating and cooling to humidity control, is working properly and efficiently helps prevent costly damage to your house and possessions.

6. Protect Your Warranty

Some people brush off maintenance because they know that their HVAC units are under warranty. They believe that there’s no point in worrying about possible broken parts, functionality issues, or other problems if they can merely call a repair technician and have the work and parts covered under their warranties. However, what many homeowners don’t realize is that there is almost always a clause in the warranty of most HVAC systems that states that the warranty only covers repairs and other work to the system if you have regular maintenance performed on it.

If you fail to have at least annual maintenance done on your system, you may void your warranty and possibly end up having to pay massive repair and replacement bills. Having annual maintenance done on your HVAC unit keeps your warranty valid and allows you to use your warranty to cover any hefty repair and replacement costs you may encounter in the future.

Contact the Pros

To get on track with annual maintenance work for your HVAC system, you will need the assistance of a professional and experienced HVAC company. Our skilled technicians at True Climate Heat + Air can provide you with high-quality HVAC maintenance. In addition, we offer our customers the True Savings Membership Plan, which includes several system inspections per year and a discount on repairs.

We have been providing exceptional HVAC service to homeowners in Edmond, OK and the surrounding areas for nearly two decades. We repair, maintain, and install heating and cooling systems. We also offer air quality, plumbing, and new construction services to our customers. If you are interested in learning about any of these services, contact us at True Climate Heat + Air today.

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