With the cold intensifying and snowstorms looming, you want to keep your home warm to avoid health complications or high energy bills that you may incur when more energy is used. Winter might seem long away. However, the last thing a homeowner wants to find out is that their heater has an issue that could be fixed before the start of winter. Like all other equipment in your house, maintenance is the only way to prolong their life. This applies to your furnace as well. Our experts at True Climate Heat + Air have prepared some tips to help you prepare your unit for this winter season.

Replace Your Heater’s Filter

Your system’s air filter should be changed every season. By the end of fall, your furnaces filter will have collected dirt, dust, dander, and other allergens. The accumulating debris can clog the filter, thus making it less efficient. With your furnace’s air filter clogged, the air blown into your home is contaminated. As we approach winter, you and your family may be at risk of respiratory illness. Therefore, as you prepare your home for the winter having your system’s air filter replaced will ensure you are ready for the cold weather.

Check Your Thermostat

Winter is characterized by extremely chilly weather. Your thermostat is a crucial device since it ensures your furnace kicks in when temperatures go below a certain limit. Before the weather changes, you should have your thermostat checked. The test involves switching your unit from cooling to heating and setting your thermostat some degrees higher than the room temperature. The heat should then kick on, but if it doesn’t, you should start thinking about having your heater checked for any issues that may be affecting it.

Scheduling a Pre-Season Maintenance Check

Before the winter begins, having our experts perform a tune-up for your system is very beneficial. A tune-up for your heating system means that the components are thoroughly inspected to ensure your furnace works efficiently. Problems discovered during the servicing are resolved so that you are prepared for the winter. Occasionally, homeowners may not realize their heater is not functioning efficiently since they rarely turn it on before winter starts. Discovering problems with your system when winter begins might become hectic, causing discomfort and costing more as you try to heat your home. If you are looking to schedule a tune-up in Edmond, OK, contact our experts for immediate assistance.

Create Climate Zones

A major problem with heating your home is having a hot upstairs and cold downstairs. This is because hot air rises while cold air accumulates on ground level. You are most likely to experience this if you live in a multi-story home, making your living conditions very irritating. To fix this, you can have a professional install a climate zone unit with wireless sensors. The smart system will use your home’s unique temperature patterns to control heating and cooling by directing the heated or cooled air to the most required zones. Another advantage of this system is that it can be configured remotely, thus ensuring your home is comfortable throughout winter.

Cover and Winterize Your Outdoor System

Winter has some harsh weather conditions like snowstorms. With these conditions, snow, ice, and other debris can accumulate, causing problems for your furnace if it’s installed outside. Therefore, it is wise to have your furnace covered so that it runs smoothly, giving you the required comfort. Before winter, rid your yard of all leaves and twigs, as it poses an imminent danger to your unit. You can also wash off dirt and dust with running water but be sure that your furnace is switched off to avoid damaging the circuit board. Ensure your system is covered with a waterproof cover to prevent moisture from building up during the winter and damaging your system’s components. Also, as the winter begins, clean ice and snow as it collects to secure the inner parts of your furnace from damage.

Ready Your Vents

Vents are essential for any system as they allow heated or cooled air to flow through and distribute across your home. With time, dust and other materials can collect in your vents, contaminating the air supplied into your home. As winter approaches, your vents should be cleaned, ensuring that the supplied air is of a high quality. Your ducts should also be open and clear of anything that might restrict airflow. When airflow is limited, your heater must work harder to ensure your home is heated, leading to high energy bills. For your equipment to operate efficiently, make sure the vents are free of any debris to enable your home to be warmed efficiently.

Service Your Chimney

Chimneys are an essential component of your furnace. If flammable materials build up in a chimney, the chimney will need to be serviced. As winter approaches, having your chimney inspected for signs of corrosion, carbon build-up, and even animal activity is important. This ensures your furnace is ready for the harsh winter conditions that come your way.

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Winter is that time of year you have your furnaces cranked up to warm your home adequately. Carbon monoxide detectors defend against the odorless and colorless gas emitted from burning fossil fuels. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that, when inhaled for long periods, can cause death. Before the onset of winter, check that your detectors are functioning and are placed several inches from the floor. If anything, your home is safe from carbon monoxide, and your furnace is all set.

Ensure Your Igniter Switch Is Functioning

A heating system is the main equipment to warm your home during winter. Whether your system uses an electronic igniter or pilot light, they both have the same purpose: heating the burner so that the air passing through your heating system is warmed. Therefore, you should check your furnace’s igniter switch to ensure your heater doesn’t blow cold air when you require heated air. If there is a problem with the igniter switch, you should have it replaced immediately for a smooth winter season.

Service Your Blower Motor and Heat Exchanger

For your heating system to run efficiently during winter, all its components should be thoroughly checked to verify that they are running optimally. Therefore, as you prepare for winter, get your blower motor cleaned and its bearings lubricated for smooth operations. Your heat exchanger is another key component that should be dusted before winter. Also, ensure the technician checks for any cracks or signs that your heat exchanger has no leaks that require repairs. This extra care will ensure your system is ready for winter.

As we approach winter, contact our experts at True Climate Heat + Air for the best HVAC solutions in Edmond, OK. With over twenty years of experience, our highly skilled technicians offer quality and trusted heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions. When we inspect your heating system, you can rest assured that you will be nice and warm all winter. Our experts specialize in heating repair, installation and maintenance. Contact us for professional services in Edmond, OK.

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