When it’s winter and you come home to your Oklahoma City area home, you expect it to be nice and cozy from your heater blowing warm air through the vents. However, if your heating unit is only blowing cold air, it could indicate one of several various things. Here we’ll take a look a some of the more popular causes.

The Fan Might Be Turned Off

If you discover that your heating system isn’t producing warm air, inspect the thermostat. You may not run the fan during the summertime considering that it can make a lot of sounds, but you do require to switch it to the “auto” setting when it’s time to use the heating system. Avoid keeping the switch in the “on” position because this will trigger the fan to run continually, but keeping it on automobile keeps the air moving when the furnace is on.

Extinguished Pilot Light

If your home has an older heating system, the pilot light may have gone out. Newer units usually have electronic pilot lights that can’t go out, but if your furnace is more than a year old, this is one thing to examine. If you can get to the pilot burner safely, consult your owner’s manual to determine how to light it. But if you find that the pilot light will not remain lit, call an expert a/c technician to take a better look.

Unclean Flame Sensor

The flame sensor within your heating system figures out whether the burner is producing warmth and aids in heating the air as it moves through the ducts. When your heating system blows cold air, try turning the heating system on and off. If the air feels warm for a moment or two, then changes to cold, it may be that the flame sensing unit is filthy.

With a dirty flame sensor, your burner won’t remain lit, triggering the air to go cold not long after the furnace turns on. Do not attempt to clean it yourself; rather call a tech to deal with the job. The cleaning procedure involves opening the gas burner and accessing that flame sensing unit; trying to take these areas apart yourself might lead to serious damage to your unit.

Blocked Filter

Another furnace problem that might affect the temperature of the air coming through your heating and cooling system is a blocked or unclean filter. As the air moves through the exchanger and into the gas chamber, it needs to move through the filter. Obstructions or excess dirt make it challenging for the air to appropriately go into the chamber where it is warmed up. As a result, you may find that the air comes through without being properly warmed. Switching out the filthy filter with a new one must solve the concern, but ensure to examine the filter’s size before you change it.

Thermostat Modifications

One of the first things you ought to check is the thermostat because it’s constantly possible that somebody in your home unintentionally altered a setting. While you’re attempting to turn on the fan, you might mistakenly turn the system to cool. If you have a wise thermostat, bumping the touch-screen screen could likewise inadvertently adjust the heat setting and lower the temperature. Be sure to examine the thermostat before you call for assistance from a heating professional.

Disconnected Utilities

Maybe you forgot to pay your gas expense, or possibly there is a problem with the gas line. These concerns might cause the energies to disconnect from your heater, which will lead to a lack of warm air coming through the vents. Call the gas business to make sure your account is in great standing. The gas company likewise might send a service technician to make certain the connection to your house is working.

At True Climate Heat and Air we specialize in furnace repair and replacement, contact us for a free consult. We’ll evaluate your system and help make recommendations for optimum value. After all, we want to keep you cool all summer long and warm in the winter. Just schedule a visit with one of our technicians to talk about how we can help with your thermostat’s settings. Would you like to learn more options our techs can help you with? Give us a call!

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