The Benefits of a Well-Maintained A/C System

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit provides numerous, valuable benefits. As a leader in HVAC service, [copmpany_name] can ensure your system operates at peak efficiency and help extend the life of your A/C unit. A well-maintained HVAC system will:

  1. Ensures Greater Comfort
    During the preventative maintenance visit, skilled technicians carefully inspect all essential components of the air conditioner. They can notice any irregularities or issues that might be of concern. With your system running properly, you will have uninterrupted comfort while inside your home.
  2. Lessens Heat Fatigue
    Young children and the elderly are more susceptible to heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration because they often cannot fend for themselves to protect themselves from the heat. Individuals who suffer from heart disease or other medical conditions are at a higher risk for dehydration and heatstroke. Air conditioning can reduce the risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses.
  3. Lowers Humidity
    High humidity levels increase the chances of bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms. An A/C system helps to dehumidify the air in your home. As a result, it helps to prevent microbial growth and the associated health effects. Reduce your exposure to these elements by scheduling an A/C tune-up with our Trane Comfort Specialists here at True Climate Heat + Air.
  4. Promotes Better Sleep
    With a high temperature, our body can be at risk of heart attack, headache, and other serious illnesses. When you feel uncomfortable because of the summer heat, you will surely be deprived of a good night’s sleep. Experts say that our body functions best with a cool temperature of around 65 to 75 degrees. Thus, you should keep your A/C unit at its best performance for a healthier body.
  5. Extends the Life of Your A/C Unit
    Most HVAC systems last between 10 to 15 years. Without proper care, however, they can fail early. A unit that has accumulated dirt, dust, and other debris, for instance, can suffer from premature wear and tear because it needs to work harder and longer. This can reduce its lifespan. On the contrary, investing in annual upkeep can extend its service life up to five years or more.
  6. Reduces Energy Bills
    It is a sad fact that heating and cooling systems account for more than 30% of your home’s overall energy expenses. But what can you do? Your HVAC systems are your only saviors against the cold temperature. Fortunately, with a well-maintained heating system, you can enjoy a comfortable indoor atmosphere without breaking your bank. Regular maintenance keeps the efficiency of your heating system by keeping the parts clean and in tip-top shape. This way, the operation of your unit flows smoothly, thus consuming less energy in the process.
  7. Decreases Energy Usage
    According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for about 48% of your energy consumption. This amount can increase when you neglect the issues with your HVAC system. When you delay repairs, your HVAC unit exerts more effort to maintain your preferred temperatures. However, by scheduling routine maintenance, you can ensure that your system is running at peak performance while consuming less energy.
    Ready to get your A/C system primed for peak comfort? Give us a call – trust us, we’ve seen it all.
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