There is never a good time for a furnace to break down. No matter when it happens, you know you’re likely to be cold for a while as you wait for the repair to happen. When homeowners know the most common reasons for furnace problems, they can often do the work necessary to prevent a breakdown, no matter when that might be.

Here are four of the most common furnace malfunctions:

Lack of General Maintenance

The most common reason a furnace will break down is a lack of general maintenance. Some homeowners like to skip maintenance because they don’t want to spend money on an appliance that is working. In reality, paying $50 or $100 each fall can prevent spending hundreds or thousands of dollars later. We get the oil changed in our vehicles so we don’t need to have our entire engine overhauled. Give your furnace the same love and it will be more reliable and last longer.

Change Your Filters

Dirty filters are an easy fix, but one that is often ignored. Read your furnace owner’s manual and change the filters as often as recommended. Clogged filters make your furnace work harder than necessary, shortening its life.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light

Pilot light and ignition control are also common problems. First, there is the problem of the pilot light not starting, but another problem a faulty pilot light can cause is intermittent heat or no heat at all.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear on a furnace is another common problem, and one that is frustrating, because some parts of a furnace can be replaced extending the life of your furnace by years, and other failing parts signal the end of the furnace’s life. As a furnace begins to fail, it will often work and blow warm air, but the air may not flow as well or as efficiently as it did in the past. Homeowners may not even realize there is a problem during the furnace’s decline until it just quits or blows cold air. It’s important to maintain your furnace with an annual furnace tune-up.

Furnaces work hard. They turn on and off a lot during cold weather. They get hot, then cold. They rest for months, then run hours at a time for months. Proper maintenance and recognition what some of the common problems on a furnace can make it last longer. If you’re looking for an expert HVAC company, contact us at True Climate Heat and Air to ensure your system is in peak working condition. We’ve been happily serving the Oklahoma City Metro area for over 15 years.

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