Many of the things we enjoy in today’s modern, high-tech era are thanks to HVAC! Here are 9 interesting facts about air conditioning!

  • Did you know – without the invention of air conditioning, many medications would never have been invented. In turn, some diseases would’ve never been cured without a trusty A/C unit! Just another reason to be thankful for the invention of A/C!
  • Necessity is the mother of invention! In 1902, Willis Carrier created the air conditioner while working at a publishing company in Brooklyn, NY. He needed to keep the temperature and humidity low enough for the paper to refrain from expanding or contracting. And voila!
  • Do you know the first public place to use air-conditioning? Movie theaters! The cool climate inside the theaters was used as a ploy to get moviegoers to stop by. Ticket sales skyrocketed during the warmer months and are how the term “summer blockbuster” came about.
  • Summer vacation exists because near the turn of the century, hot, stuffy schools were intolerable, and some advocates worried about the spread of disease in such poor conditions. Although air conditioning has made it possible for students to be comfortable year-round, the vacation schedule never changed.
  • Studies have shown that since the invention of air conditioning, humans’ natural tolerance for heat has lowered. Therefore, a hot summer day seems much hotter nowadays than it would have centuries ago.
  • Air conditioning, of course. Since 1960, 60 percent of all the economic growth in the country has taken place in the South, where air conditioning made year-round factory work and apartment living possible. Demographers agree that the population explosions in places like Arizona, Las Vegas, Florida, and Texas can be directly attributed to air conditioning.
  • President Herbert Hoover was the first president to enjoy air conditioning in the white house. He had air conditioning installed in the oval office in 1930 for $30,000 during the Great Depression.
  • The first people to use a home heating system were the Romans. Their heating system, called a “hypocaust”, worked by sending heat through the floors and walls of the homes of rich Romans.
  • Poorly installed HVAC systems in New York City cost building owners anywhere between $130 to $180 million every year (thus the importance of having professionals like True Climate Heat and Air install your HVAC system for you).

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