While we’re on the way out of the summer season temperatures continue to rise, and so does your electric bill. One of the most over-used appliances during the summer months is your home’s air conditioner. Your A/C is known to consume 70% of your household electricity.

Falling in a close second place is your home’s lighting system, then your water system, and other electrical appliances. While air conditioning in the summer months may be considered highly necessary, there are ways to cut back on your energy consumption. For top tips to lower your a/c and other utility bills this coming summer, keep on reading.

7 Tips for Lowering Your Utility Bills

In a big push to lower our carbon footprint as a human species, opting to not use your air conditioner this summer can go a long way. Now, we understand there may be some days when air conditioning is just necessary to make things a little more bearable. But where possible, there may be instances where you can simply go without it, lowering your energy consumption as well as your utility bills. The cold, hard truth is that your home air conditioning system chews a huge chunk out of your home electric bill.

If you’re looking to save a few pennies this summer and cut back on your utility bills, try a few of these simple tips:

  1. Add to the Greenery Around Your House
    We understand this isn’t a quick fix or cheap solution. But in summers down the line, improving the greenery around your home can truly pay off. Most homes are heated during the summer months due to direct sunlight beating down on your roof and through your windows. Planting tall, leafy trees and bushes around your home can help to reduce the amount of direct sunlight penetrating your house. You can also increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and lower your utility bills by shading air conditioner units. As a side note, always be sure to give your outdoor A/C unit plenty of space and ensure that it is clear of debris to maintain optimal performance.
  2. Opt For A Ceiling Or Standing Fan
    A ceiling or standing fan won’t cool the temperature of a room. But the wind chill can make things feel at least 6-7 degrees cooler. On those summer days where the heat is a little more bearable than others, opt to use your ceiling or standing fan instead of your air conditioner. A fan will also help to disperse hot, stagnant air and will ensure your room is rid of stale heat which can make you feel lethargic and sleepy. While this is an economical way to lower the ac bill of your home, don’t forget to turn off your fan if you are not using the room!
  3. Use Your Air Conditioner Economically
    Instead of running your air conditioner at the lowest temperature, try and increase the thermostat to an ambient, comfortable temperature. Make use of an automatic thermostat setting that adjusts your air conditioner temperature while you sleep or leave the house. By setting your air conditioner to an ambient temperature of 78°F, you can shave up to 18% off your a/c bill this summer.
  4. Remember To Maintain Your Air Conditioner System
    An air conditioner with dirty filters means it has to work much harder to cool down your home, only adding to your monthly ac bill. To cut back on energy consumption, keep up with the maintenance of your home’s cooling systems. This includes replacing air filters once a month, dusting and cleaning air pathways, and ensuring evaporator and condenser coils are kept clean. Make sure that outdoor condensers are also kept clear of foliage and dirt which can affect the entire system.
  5. Avoid Creating More Heat Throughout Your Home
    On particularly hot days, one of the simplest ways to keep your home cool is to avoid activities that generate additional heat. Where possible, avoid using a tumble dryer, dishwasher, or cooking in the oven. Hang clothes on the washing line, leave dishes to air dry, and eat light instead. Reserve these activities for a cooler time in the day, such as early evening. Appliances such as TVs and computers can also generate heat. By avoiding using these you can also save big time on your electric bill.
  6. Keep Things Shaded
    Shade treatments and reflective blinds are a highly efficient way of keeping your home cooler in the summer months. This way, you can prevent direct sunlight from creeping into your home and creating unnecessary heat. Install reflective blinds in a light color to deflect harsh daytime sunlight. Insulated window treatments can also go a long way in deflecting summer heat. If you are not home throughout most of the day, keep your shades half drawn and keep your home cool.
  7. Invest In Quality Insulation
    If your home has not been insulated correctly, this is where you will feel the effects of the weather the most – whether hot or freezing temperatures. Windows and doors most commonly leak air into our homes, but your roof, walls, and crawl spaces are important to look at, too. Make the investment and call in the professionals to adequately insulate your home – it will truly make all the difference!

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