Certainly, you want an HVAC system that can serve you efficiently in the cold or warm months. With that, maintenance is key! As we enter the fall season, it’s the perfect time to perform system maintenance to ensure you and your family stay comfortable all year round.

Here’s a quick list of essential fall HVAC maintenance tasks you need to know to maintain your furnace and A/C units:

Say No to Dirty & Clogged Filters—Replace Them Now!

Why is it so important to have clean air filters? Simple! You don’t want to breathe in contaminated air at home. If you don’t change them regularly, they can turn against you and your system. Clogged filters are among the top causes of HVAC failure and health problems, so changing them could take these troubles away.

Don’t Let the Heated Air Leach Out of Your Home—Insulate!

Cracks, leaks, and drafts in your doors, windows, walls, or attic are the major culprits of energy loss. Not only do they let the warm air out, but they also let the cold air find its way into your home. Reinforcing your insulation helps maintain your home temperature while reducing stress on your HVAC equipment.

Sparks May Mean Trouble—Check Your Electrical Connections!

Frayed wirings, defective outlets, and faulty electrical connections can spell misfortune to you and your family. Get ahead of these problems by having your local electrician inspect your HVAC system for potential issues.

Let Your System Breathe—Clean and Clear the Vents!

During the summer, debris might have built up in your HVAC system. This fall, it’s a good idea to inspect the vents and clear them from dust and dirt to ensure proper airflow. Vacuum the dust out from the vents so it won’t circulate back into your indoor air.

Don’t Ignore Odd Noises and Smell—Get Them Checked!

Anything off with your system is a sign that it’s struggling to keep up with your desired output. So if you noticed strange sounds or smells, be sure to get them checked immediately for an appropriate solution. A professional system inspection is a vital part of an HVAC maintenance plan to address all existing issues and prevent them from happening again. Schedule an appointment with your trusted HVAC contractor in the Oklahoma City metro area.

You can’t afford to skip these top HVAC maintenance tasks. If you want utmost comfort in the season ahead, make sure to schedule your system maintenance with True Climate Heat + Air. With us, your comfort is secured 24/7 throughout the year. With our True Savings Membership program, we’ll do all the legwork while kicking back and enjoying your home in TRUE COMFORT!

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